You could say Tom Devlin is an engineer who can draw, or you could say he is a designer with a technical background.  In either case, his work reflects years of experience in creating original products with appealing forms, and then engineering them for production.  Companies such as Gillette keep coming back to Tom for new and exciting product ideas.

Tom works with mechanisms, machine design, sheet metal, injection molding, cut and sew, electronic boards, and even optics.  His broad range allows Tom to be free from any one type of design, and he can bring his experience to new fields.  Over the years, Tom has become a manufacturer himself, overseeing the making of GrindAlert, which he co-invented and designed.  This experience is rare in a design firm, and allows for a first-hand understanding of a client's needs.

Background in brief:
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, MIT
  • Master of Design, Royal College of Art - London
  • MIT Media Lab: Research in human interface
  • Product Genesis: Project Manager
  • BruxCare: Co-Founder